Hi Rabbi Adir. I really enjoy your weekly writings. Many are so moving and I am keeping those as a pick-me-up when I need one. I have resisted commenting on your blogs (believe me, the vast, vast majority of any comments would be positive!). But on this one, I was confused. You said that the first 18-24 months of being a rabbi was difficult for you mentally and your "work suffered". I assume this was your time at WJC. If so, I heartily disagree. I thought you were a fabulous rabbi and certainly - by far - the best Assistant (right out of school) Rabbi WJC ever had (or had since). You were/are very smart, humble, and caring of other people - superior to others. You may have wished to do better, but you were absolutely fine at WJC. And remember, you did have an outlet at WJC, basketball. I remember you being a fierce player, really letting go, but, of course, being a good sport. I am glad you have other outlets. As you said, very important. But again, for the record, maybe you did not meet your expectations, but you were truly a gifted Assistant Rabbi at WJC. Shabbat Shalom!

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